For biological process enhancement and/or to extend mechanical life of equipment through biomass weight control, SideCar is the most efficient and economical choice in RBC aeration.

The SideCar™ system was developed to meet the definitive needs of RBC aeration for new and existing plants. SideCar systems are specially designed for each plant, complete with all installation, drawings and instructions and fittings and supports, assuring convenient installation and optimum process air control and distribution.

Multi-shaft RBC Plant with air supply headers for SideCars™ above enclosures
conveniently supported by drop pipes.


Both existing and new RBC systems benefit from SideCar aeration. Plants with one or more of the following conditions are likely candidates for SideCar aeration:

  • RBCs that have exhibited or are at risk of shaft, media or media support failures from excessive biomass loads.
  • Heavy biomass with white and/or black blotches with difficult-to-settle floc.
  • Improperly sized or overloaded RBC systems or stages.
  • Plants that receive high soluble BOD loads from industrial contributors or inplant returns.
  • Systems at or near design load requiring additional treatment capacity.
  • Those plants treating septic wastewater where sulfur compounds produce undesirable growths.
  • RBC plants with odor problems.

An impressive body of case histories confirm practically all RBC media configurations respond with improved treatment when aerated.


Mooers Product’s roots as a supplier of process equipment go back to the early 1970’s; for four decades Mooers Products and its employees have been involved in the design and manufacture of innovative and traditional equipment for hundreds of wastewater treatment facilities. Two areas of particular expertise are diffused aeration and RBC systems.

As early as the 1970’s an impressive body of independent engineering and operating studies recognized and supported the marked advantages of aerating RBC’s. The need for an economical and effective aeration device to relieve capacity-stressing loads at aging RBC plants and support combined suspended-growth / fixed-film processes led to the acquisition of SideCar™. The versatile SideCar™ brings to the Mooers family of products an RBC aeration system with incomparable balance in efficiency and simplicity, proven in scores of installations worldwide.

Mooer’s focus is to continue to improve the efficiency of SideCar™ and allied equipment while further simplifying installation of these quality products.