Before unpacking the components of the CRS supports become familiar with the entire SideCar installation procedure, then, guided by Mooers Products project drawings (see above) carefully determine and mark where the Manifold Support Brackets will be installed.  In most cases there is a few inches latitude in the exact placement to accommodate inlet couplings and avoid interferences with fittings while maintaining the general arrangement on the SideCar drawings.

Mooers CRS supports are convenient, easy-to-install, corrosion resistant, horizontally adjustable specially-designed for wastewater environments. In addition to drill and bits to bore 11/16” dia mounting holes, alignment and leveling tools, two 15/16” wrenches (one open end) are required to install.   As some components are not available at the local hardware loss of parts could delay completion of installation.

Components: (1) 3” or 4” CLIC; (1) ½” NPT X 5/8” UNF Bushing; (1) 5/8” UNF Stud Bolt (1) 5/8” Jam Nut; (2) Flat Washers (2) 5/8” Hex Nuts

Assembly and Installation:  Partial pre-assembly of the CRS supports simplifies the installation procedure as follows:

    1. Thread a Jam Nut about 1” on the 5/8” – 18 Stud Bolt, then the ½” NPT X 5/8” UNF reducing bushing until almost flush with the end – no projection. Tighten Jam Nut against bushing to lock in place.
    2. Thread a 5/8” UNF Hex Nut on other end of Stud Bolt to create the specified projection of the support for each size CLIC. This may require assembly and measurement of one complete CRS each size support to get an accurate estimate. See below.
    3. Make sure the end of the Stud Bolt does not project beyond the reducing bushing and thread the Bushing into the ½” FPT connection on the bottom of the CLIC (Stud Bolt projection will interfere with the fit of the bushing). Gently hand tighten; DO NOT DAMAGE THE CLIC THREADS!
    4. Drill and clean burrs from 11/16” holes in web of mounting beams. Place Flat Washer on Stud Bolt, insert in hole, adjust nut to desired projection and, while maintaining CLIC in vertical position, install back side washer, Hex Nut and tighten.
    5. Repeat the procedure, carefully checking alignment of 3” and 4” pipe centers, until completed.The Hi-Torq couplings joining the sections of SideCar Manifold do not compensate for misalignment. Fine tune alignment while installing the SideCar manifolds and connecting to the air supply piping in accordance with drawings and instruction manual.
    6. Return to and proceed with Side Car Installation.